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Fifth Grade Resources

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Place Value of Decimal Numbers to the Thousandths

In this DreamBox lesson, students learn to locate both positive and negative decimal numbers on a number line. This scrolling number line allows students to “zoom in” and “zoom out” to a specific range on the number line using magnifying glasses that scale the number line by either 10 times or 100 times. In order to deeply understand decimals and place value to the thousandths, students need to understand the relative magnitude of decimal numbers. For example, even though 3 centimeters (cm) and 2.001 cm are both greater than 2 cm, they have very different locations on a number line relative to 2 cm. On a standard ruler, it is easy to see the difference between the mark at 2 cm and the mark at 3 cm. On that same ruler, it is virtually impossible to create a 2.001 cm mark because it is so close to the 2 cm mark. Lessons using this manipulative deepen students’ understanding of a rational number as a point on the number line.

Order of Operations

Students use operation tumblers to create expressions that are equivalent to a given value or another expression. When given an expression with four numbers such as 4, 5, 4, and 3, students choose three operations that will create an expression with a value equal to a target number. For example, if the target number is 8, students could create the expression 4 × 5 – 4 × 3 = 8. Beneath the equation, students see DreamBox’s panel of ‘lights’ that visually represents the values and then animates sequentially to help students understand the operations and how the expression simplifies in a mathematically valid order of operations.

Grade 5 Teacher Tools & Sample Lesson Plans

Ready to use in Grade 5 classrooms with any type of interactive white board, DreamBox Teacher Tools are virtual manipulatives designed to help teach the concepts students need to learn—and to reinforce Common Core standards. Based on cognitive research that shows how children really learn, DreamBox’s engaging, high-quality virtual manipulatives help motivate and guide learners at every level to persist, progress, and achieve math proficiency.

Making math meaningful

These Teacher Tools help bring math to life for all students in large- or small-group instructional settings. Any teacher can use these online math tools—TenFrames, MathRacks, and other innovative tools—with your interactive white board or projector to make math lessons clear for your whole class.

Supporting professional development

When teachers access DreamBox Teacher Tools, they’ll also find tutorials about using the manipulatives and ideas for incorporating the tools into classroom lessons. And we provide resources that support the professional development of teachers as they learn to include the virtual manipulatives in their lesson plans. 

Grade 5  Teacher Tools for interactive whiteboards  

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