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First Grade Math Games

If you have a 1st grader at home, you’ll notice physical, cognitive, and social
changes taking place. First graders begin to understand cause and effect, hone their
organizational skills, and tune out distractions in the classroom. Mathematically, they
grasp more efficient counting strategies and a broader understanding of addition and

DreamBox Learning’s 1st grade math games challenge your little one with more than
100 games and a completely individualized curriculum. DreamBox Learning continuously and
dynamically assesses your child’s progress, and will seamlessly offer the right
content at the right time, regardless of whether it’s in the 1st grade curriculum,
moving ahead to tackle some 2nd grade lessons or reviewing some Kindergarten lessons.
Unlike other math games for 1st graders, DreamBox Learning doesn’t just entertain,
it teaches!

The DreamBox Learning advantage

  • A robust, individualized curriculum for 1st graders
  • Improves problem-solving ability and conceptual understanding
  • Children develop understanding of addition and subtraction strategies and whole number relationships
  • Parents can track student’s progress
  • Online interactive games make 1st grade math learning fun

First grade math games: building blocks to success

With DreamBox Learning’s math games for 1st graders, kids develop computational
fluency, conceptual understanding, and problem-solving ability. These are the stepping
stones to future success in math. Studies have shown that DreamBox Learning can help
improve academic performance and test scores
(read the Effectiveness Studies).
Pirates and pixies make our math games fun, but there’s always serious learning
going on. With our 1st grade math games, your child will grasp major math concepts in a
thrilling adventure!

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