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Funding Sources


The COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented disruption to student schooling throughout the United States, an estimated 45.1 million children are out of school. In response to the crisis, the 2020 CARES Act was signed into law to provide $2.2 trillion dollars of emergency relief funding, with a portion of those funds going towards remote learning for education. Learn more about how you can fund DreamBox through CARES funding.

Grants Guide for EdTech, STEM, and Professional Development

School budgets are tight, and we want to support you by providing our 2021 Grants Guide for free.

This guide includes two parts:

  1. Simple “how-to instructions” for the grant writing process and tips to make your application stand out
  2. A list of over 50 different grants that can fund DreamBox Math (and other education priorities) at your school, sorted by category, along with easy links for a smooth application process

Federal funding for instructional technology

We understand that finding and securing funding sources can be critical to meeting your educational goals. At DreamBox, we’re committed to supporting your funding search and have provided resources to aid in this effort. DreamBox Learning’s supplemental math program meets the goals of many federal funding sources, so you can help EVERY student achieve math proficiency.

Title I is designed to help districts and schools with high numbers of disadvantaged children in meeting challenging learning standards by providing additional academic support and opportunities.

DreamBox Learning helps schools and districts meet Title I goals by:

  • Providing personalized learning paths through challenging academic content (including integrated lessons and assessments) which align to the Common Core State Standards.
  • Ensuring academic progress with a research-based adaptive learning program.
  • Increasing accountability with dashboards that provide detailed reports on student and classroom progress towards meeting challenging academic standards.
  • Extending and enforcing core curriculum during before and after school programs and summer school.
  • Encouraging parental involvement by providing parents with a detailed real-time view into their child’s academic progress via Parent Dashboards.

Download a PDF on Title I funding to share with your principal or administrator.

Read more about the Title I program.

State and local funding sources

Many times, the quickest and easiest way for schools to access funds is to look at their existing budget. DreamBox Learning can be incorporated into your existing school budgets in a variety of ways.

The best source of information about state-specific funding is to look at your state department of education’s website for a list of grant opportunities

With several hundred lessons, DreamBox Learning complements your core curriculum with a personalized and adaptive curriculum that is aligned with Common Core State Standards. The program builds conceptual understanding and fluency in the critical areas of Counting and Cardinality, Comparing, Operations and Algebraic Thinking, and Number and Operations in Base Ten.

Private funding for instructional technology

Many foundations and other organizations provide a significant amount of funding for instructional technology in classrooms. Visit these three excellent websites to research, find, and secure private grant opportunities.

  • Foundation Center – A comprehensive site to quickly find relevant grant opportunities, proposal writing tips, and general funding research
  • Grant Wrangler – A free online grant listing service for teachers and schools
  • – A central database to find and apply for government grants