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Funding DreamBox Through CARES Act

District leaders, teachers and school communities, we are amazed at the miracles you’re working through during this time of uncertainty. The last thing you need to worry about is finding a program that delivers quality math instruction to students at all levels. DreamBox takes the guesswork out of the equation. Our research based, evidence proven results will elevate student learning and address the vast inequities that plague remote learning. We are here to support you and smooth the way forward. If you’ve taken part in our free COVID trial offer, you may be interested in purchasing for summer school or the next school year. We have broken down the CARES Act for details around funding DreamBox.

The CARES Act was signed into law on March 27, 2020 with $13.2 billion allocated to the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER). ESSER funds will be awarded to State educational agencies (SEAs) to give local educational agencies (LEAs) emergency funding for elementary and secondary schools.  The funding will flow to state education agencies with up to 10% set aside for state department use and at least 90% flowing to school districts that will be distributed based on the ESEA 2019 Title 1 part A formula.

ESSER funds work to address the immense impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on education, from widening the achievement gap, closing the digital divide, and the loss of in-class instructional time.

DreamBox Learning is an easy to use, online K-8 math program that supports teachers, parents and students with school closures. DreamBox meets students at their independent level, personalizes instruction and provides a game-like environment to increase engagement and make math fun. Without a lot of reliance on the teacher, DreamBox is easy to implement, safe, and secure to help students stay on track in math. 100% of programs are available in Spanish.

Programs include at-home access so students can independently login anytime, anywhere. With personalized instruction, from intervention through enrichment, programs are both effective and engaging. Harvard University studies show students using DreamBox for just an hour a week improve math scores nearly 60%.

Teachers can refer to their dashboard to discover relevant insights on each student’s journey, addressing gaps so students meet or exceed grade level standards. With new cutting-edge technology, DreamBox Predictive Insights (DPI) is an innovative new set of reports that examines student’s DreamBox use to predict future proficiency for year-end state math assessments.   

 “DreamBox has been very instrumental in helping my school meet State of Delaware Goals and AYP by decreasing the educational gap. After using it with our English Language Learners for just five months last year, they met our AYP in math for the first time ever—on the first attempt!”

Marilyn Dollard, Principal, Oberle Elementary

Apply for ESSER Funding. Apply by July 1, 2020. For resources specific to your state, visit the Department of Education State Contacts page. For funding distribution by state, click here.