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Rostering and Login Methods

Learn about the two ways students, teachers, and administrators in your district can log in to DreamBox.

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School – Unique DreamBox URL

Log in directly to DreamBox via a unique school landing page. This is called DreamBox URL. The DreamBox URL is our default login method. When a school is created in DreamBox, they are assigned a specific URL. To sign in, all users navigate to this URL.
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Single sign-on

Log in through a district portal or via a third-party website like Clever or ClassLink. This is called Single Sign-On. If your district would like to use Single Sign-On (SSO) to access DreamBox, you will need to use one of our supported Automated Roster Management options: DreamBox Automated Roster Management (ARM), Clever, or ClassLink and use the SSO method designed for each rostering option.

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