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Intelligent Adaptive Learning

Recognizing and acting on the true nature of learning

The future of personalization has arrived

Because learning isn’t linear, true personalization can’t be. DreamBox Learning Math and its Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ technology enable the seamless integration of instruction and assessment before, during, and after each lesson. Individual, in-the-moment learning experiences are deeply personalized for every type of student to provide the right next lesson, at the right level of difficulty, at the right time.

Real-time data to support conceptual understanding

The Intelligent Adaptive Learning technology tracks each student interaction and evaluates the strategies used to solve problems. It then immediately adjusts the lesson and the level of difficulty, scaffolding, sequencing, number of hints, and pacing as appropriate. This allows students, whether struggling, at grade level, or advanced, to progress at a pace that best benefits them and deepen conceptual understanding.

Rigorous curriculum combined with an engaging environment

The DreamBox platform combines a rigorous, research-based, pedagogically sound curriculum aligned to the Common Core and state standards with a highly motivating learning environment. Gaming fundamentals are leveraged to motivate students to persist and progress, which leads to increased understanding and achievement.

Reporting to empower

A robust set of classroom and school-level reports that detail student usage and progress, as well as reports that group students by proficiency, give teachers and administrators insight into how students are moving through the curriculum, with up-to-date achievement levels against multiple standards. By using these reports, teachers are empowered to make appropriate instructional and intervention decisions and individual student comprehension details can be easily shared with parents.

Using DreamBox in our math instructional blocks has allowed us to change practice, close gaps and target instruction to each child’s specific ability level. Because it adapts within lessons, teachers are able to the use the reporting data to inform and change their instruction almost immediately.

Nicole Makovetz, Third and Fourth Grade MST
Grover Cleveland Mastery Charter School

Why DreamBox?

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