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Kindergarten Math Games

Kindergartners are active explorers of their world. At this important learning
stage, they become more detail-oriented, ask more questions, and are developing
their counting, comparison, and sorting skills. Research shows that five-year-olds
learn best through interactive play and challenging activities.

Learning’s kindergarten math games provide a healthy dose of learning fun along
with a solid curriculum. Your little one will not just practice what they learned
in class. DreamBox Learning’s individualized math curriculum teaches kids number
sense, computation, and improves problem solving ability. In addition, the
curriculum and games dynamically adapts to each student, so your child will get
the right content at the right time to learn new concepts and reinforce old ones.
It’s more than a game; it’s an effective learning tool!

The DreamBox Learning advantage

  • Features interactive and engaging play for kindergartners
  • Parents can track their student’s academic progress
  • Over 100 online lessons and games for the kindergarten curriculum, plus over 250 more with 1st and 2nd grade content
  • Robust math curriculum individualized to each child
  • Teaches number sense and computation, and comparing and ordering whole numbers
  • Online interactive games make kindergarten math learning fun

Kindergarten math games become building blocks for success

Kindergarten math games provide the interactive play and repetition five-year-olds
need. With our kindergarten learning games, kids work on counting, comparing whole
numbers, and separating numerical sets. These essential building blocks get your child
ready for addition and subtraction. Our kindergarten math games also inspire confidence
with rewards and certificates. Pet friends and pirates make math learning fun, but
there’s always serious learning going on! With our math games for kindergartners, your
youngster will grasp essential math concepts in an engaging adventure!

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