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Mark Twain Students Win National Award

Village News
Ben Ballanfant
May 19, 2015

mark-twain-students-win-national-awardHISD’s Mark Twain Elementary 3rd Grade Spanish Immersion class was the National Winner of DreamBox Learning’s Math Challenge. All classes from K-8 nationwide were invited to compete in this challenge to win five iPads, a pizza party, a visit from DreamBox and even a visit from one of the mascots of the game.

DreamBox Learning is an online program that adapts to meet each student’s educational needs while working within the program in an engaging learning environment. DreamBox constantly assesses a student while they are working. Each time a student clicks, the program  assesses response time, accuracy of responses, complexity of strategies and other behaviors the student uses to get their answers.

Melissa Reich of DreamBox traveled from Seattle to deliver the I-Pads, bracelets, and hand out certificates in honor of the class’ achievement.

“We had a contest with all of our DreamBox customers in the U.S. and Canada… classes that averaged five or more lessons completed per week were eligible for prizes… there were three grand
prize categories and the category that Mr. Martinez’s class won is the highest average lessons completed over the course of the contest. The contest had a four week duration and the class averaged 203.8 lessons completed during that time which is astounding,” she said.

Their teacher Francisco Martinez said they were really getting into it. “I said let’s go for it. Once the challenge started we had to up our game if we wanted to win. This is a really amazing class. I encouraged them and gave them a little challenge of my own for their spring break.

“Thirty minutes a day. No homework, but if you can get it in…We talked about how to manage your time. Some students said there would be times when they didn’t have internet access. So I told them they had to manage their time wisely. You would have to do some more time when internet was available.

“I challenged them to do 270 minutes of time in Dreambox over their spring break.”

While the I-pads and other goodies have been delivered, the pizza party is yet to come. Reich gave them a certificate for the $100 pizza party and the class can use it at a time that is opportune for them.