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Math Adds Up

The DreamBox Math Adds Up initiative: envisioning a future where every student enjoys a world class math education

Every day, great teachers are making a difference and helping students gain both basic and advanced math proficiency, but not everyone has access to a great education. And it is clear that as a country we too often fail to provide our neediest students with the essential math and logical thinking skills that are necessary for success in both school and life.

DreamBox Learning is taking advantage of the global reach of the web and the power of software to create an online product that delivers the effectiveness of great teachers to benefit any student, any time, anywhere. And we have created the DreamBox Math Adds Up initiative to help all students — particularly those with the greatest needs and the fewest resources — develop a proficiency in math, beginning with kindergarten through 3rd grade. We partner with schools, non-profits, foundations, and other organizations, and offer free or special reduced pricing so that these students can get DreamBox Learning's math education for free.

I work with a wide range of students of all ability levels and ages. I have found DreamBox Learning to be an invaluable resource in teaching basic math concepts and skills to my students. DreamBox Learning explains the concepts and skills in ways that my students understand and enjoy. The progression of skills has improved significantly for my students since I began using DreamBox as a learning tool.

Pamela Newman, Abilities United

DreamBox is partnering with a growing list of organizations to provide DreamBox Learning Math in classrooms, computer labs, and after-school programs. For example, DreamBox has partnered with Computers for Youth, a non-profit organization that helps low-income children do better in school by improving their learning environment at home, to provide free access for a full year to DreamBox Learning Math. Elisabeth Stock, CEO of Computers for Youth, said, "We chose DreamBox Learning K-3 Math as a partner because of its unique ability to engage children by making math learning fun, while effectively targeting children's academic needs and building on their strengths. Kids are going to really enjoy playing with the product as part of their family's involvement in the 'Take IT Home' program, which is a big win for everyone." Other Math Adds Up partners include the Rotary Boys and Girls Club, Abilities United, and hundreds of schools throughout the United States.

DreamBox Learning is actively looking to extend the reach of the Math Adds Up initiative and give more children the math skills and confidence they need to reach their potential. If you are a foundation or other giving organization and would like to help provide financial support, or if you know of a program that provides services to children who could use DreamBox, please contact us.

By partnering with DreamBox, educational and charitable organizations can work together with us to combine technology with effective approaches to education and make an excellent math education available to every child. Together we can help close the achievement gap, open doors to more opportunity for more students, and foster a life long desire to learn.