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May Activity Calendar

Celebrating warmer weather, longer days, and inspirational educators!

April showers are over, and it’s time for May flowers! It’s also time for us to show all the principals and teachers out there our gratitude! We kicked off the month with School Principals’ Day, an opportunity to honor the work and dedication of school building leaders everywhere. If you missed it, there’s no statute of limitations on gratitude so be sure to give the principals in your life a shout out and your heartfelt thanks for their leadership.

Meanwhile, some of you will be celebrating Teacher Appreciation Day on May 8th, while others will observe an entire week of festivities. At DreamBox, we’re recognizing teachers all month long—both on the blog and in DreamBox Nation, our online educator community! Join us as we thank teachers for all they do and celebrate their passion for bringing education to all learners. If you’re a DreamBox Educator, be sure to log on to DreamBox Nation, to claim a special gift from us!

Now, let’s get to the math activities for May. As usual, we have a bunch of fun ways to factor math into your daily routine. May 6th is National Lemonade Day. Why not set up a lemonade stand? It’s a great way for students to learn how to measure ingredients, and also how to count and manage money. We also have National Pizza Party day on May 18th! Sure, we all love an excuse to eat pizza, but have you considered using it to teach fractions? Have your students or children count the number of slices in a whole pizza and determine the right fraction to serve everyone. This is a fantastic way to have students apply math to real-world problems.

For more ideas on how to encourage students to make those daily math connections, download our May Math Activity Calendar now. If you’re a teacher, you can print it and send it home with your students to help cultivate a math mindset outside of school. If you’re a parent, you can hang it in your kitchen as a reminder to incorporate fun family math activities into every day. Enjoy!

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