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DreamBox Learning Math for Middle School


Build unstoppable middle school mathematicians

By the time students reach middle school, gaps can widen and learners may already think of themselves as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ mathematicians. The truth is that every child can reach their full potential with effective support. DreamBox meets all learners where they are—and gets them to the next level—by providing the right next lesson at the right time, every time.

DreamBox Learning Math provides outstanding differentiated instruction, adapting in a wide variety of ways to give students a better learning experience.

— John Bransford, James W. Mifflin University Professor of Education & Psychology, University of Washington, and Director of the LIFE Center

  • Builds skills and closes gaps fast Support procedural fluency and the conceptual understanding, strategic reasoning, and problem-solving abilities every learner needs, plus 24/7 online access to keep students learning and building achievement.
  • Cultivates math confidence Students engage in a motivating learning experience fueled by gaming protocols that helps them persist and understand even the most challenging concepts—and their own “math thinking.”
  • Adapts to the individual student All ‘adaptive’ technology is not created equal. Continuous formative assessment, driven by Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ technology, analyzes over 48,000 data points per student, per hour to provide the right next lesson at the right time for each learner.
  • Empowers teachers Teachers can differentiate instruction with powerful, standards-aligned data that enables them to coach skills in-the-moment, for immediate results.
  • Rigorous curriculum Our challenging K–8 curriculum aligns to U.S. and Canadian standards.

Try these sample lessons

Grade 6: Operations Fluency with Exponents
Grade 6: Coordinate Grids: Location and Measurement
Grade 7: Integer Operations
Grade 7: Supplementary and Vertical Angles
Grade 8: Rate of Change
Grade 8: Linear Equations