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Personalize every Mississippi student’s math and reading experiences

Engaged students. Proven impact. Easy implementation. Discover why Mississippi students and educators love DreamBox.

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Dr. Carey Wright


The Mississippi Miracle: Key Strategies for Improving Reading Achievement

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A better way to help all students

  • Approved Mississippi’s Evidence-Based Academic Interventions  

  • Prepares students for MS MAAP exam 

  • Aligned to Mississippi College- and Career-Readiness Standards for Math and Reading  

  • Significant gains in just one hour per week 

  • Engaging, student-led interactive lessons  

  • Ease of use for new and experienced educators  

  • Embedded support for English learners 

DreamBox Math

Mississippi students who used DreamBox Math with fidelity grew an average of 1.4-grade levels in 2021-2022. 

Mississippi educators say it best

Hear how Madison County Schools mitigated learning loss with DreamBox

DreamBox Reading

Mississippi students who used DreamBox Reading Plus with fidelity grew an average of 2.9-grade levels in 2021-2022. 

DreamBox Math

Boost proficiency gains for all learning levels, backgrounds, and abilities with individualized lessons that align with MS CCR Math standards.

DreamBox Reading

InSight met both correlation and classification accuracy standards when analyzed in relation to the MS CCR English Language Arts standards.


Curriculum and Standards

Make a big impact

The first choice for adaptive, personalized instruction

DreamBox programs help educators accelerate learning for every student.

DreamBox for educators

Empower educators to drive learning

  • Fast to implement, easy to use: Any teacher can start students in DreamBox in minutes. The programs require minimal setup and provide immediate, personalized instruction and real-time student reports.    

  • Streamline instructional workflows: Automate lesson differentiation, progress monitoring, and reporting.   

  • Personalized instruction on demand: Intelligent Adaptive Learning ™ software analyzes student behavior and adjusts instruction in real-time to provide targeted scaffolding and differentiated support.    

  • Support all learners: Data shows that DreamBox is proven effective within all learning environments and across all student tiers. 

DreamBox for students

Empower students to thrive

  • Create just-right learning: Adaptive technology responds and adjusts to student behavior in real time, encouraging students and providing the proper support at just the right moment.  

  • Make screen time matter: Students experience adaptive instruction in the moment. Screen time is productive, engaging, and produces positive results in just one hour a week.   

  • Build student confidence and motivation: DreamBox technology ensures students work within their zone of proximal development. They’re excited to engage in gamified math lessons and literacy content that supports equity, diversity, and inclusion. 

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