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Out of School Time Programs Raise Math Achievement

Why do we need OST Math Programs
The need for additional math learning time has never been greater.

OST and DreamBox Learning Math to Raise Achievement

DreamBox has been able to fill conceptual math gaps that third, fourth, and fifth graders have had since kindergarten.

—Dara Holt, Valdosta City Schools Director of Pre K–5, Valdosta Georgia

Learn why schools choose DreamBox Learning for their OST Programs

Extending the math learning day help students not only meet math standards and develop proficiency, but also enable them to engage in the kind of deep learning and comprehension they might not have time for during normal classroom hours.

Strategic planning, using best practices and effective technology like DreamBox Learning Math, and the skills of dedicated teachers and learning guides outside the classroom can be the place to support learning breakthroughs in the classroom. Download our white paper that features OST program strategies, best practices, success stories, funding ideas and key resources.

After school math programs:  More time to learn

Research shows that after-school math activities and programs are of particular benefit to learners who are from low-income households.

Summer math programs: Eliminate summer slide

A 6-year study found that attendance in a summer math program results in a 20% improvement compared to students in a control group who did not attend.

School and community partnership math programs: Working together to close gaps

A study of 39 schools found that family and community involvement supports math proficiency.

Math at home: Bridging home and School

Ten years of evaluation and research of over 100 studies shows that family involvement in the home improves math skills.