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DreamBox Learning Gives Teachers Expanded Class Management Tools with the Latest Version of the Award-Winning DreamBox Learning K-2 Math Classroom

Individualized Online Math Product Gives Teachers Detailed Progress Reports for Each Student

BELLEVUE, WA, Sept 9, 2009 — DreamBox Learning, an educational software company, today announced an updated version of its award-winning DreamBox Learning K-2 Math Classroom with new classroom features that will improve a teacher’s insight into student progress through the product’s adaptive math content. DreamBox Learning K-2 Math is an effective web-based math learning product that provides differentiated instruction, is built on a standards-based mathematics curriculum, and is wrapped in a fun, adventure-style game.

The latest version of DreamBox Learning K-2 Math Classroom includes a broader set of classroom management tools, so teachers can:

  • View an improved teacher dashboard that offers a graphical at-a-glance progress summary for every student in the class
  • Review a detailed weekly progress report covering the specific concepts and lessons completed by each student
  • Receive notifications about students who have been struggling with specific lessons and may need additional assistance
  • Customize the amount of time students can spend in the DreamBox arcade, an area that rewards students with quick mini-games

“Our teachers and students really like using DreamBox Learning K-2 Math Classroom because of its self-paced curriculum, engaging play, and, most importantly, the difference it is making in our students’ math achievement,” said David Petett, Principal of Campbellsville Elementary School in Kentucky. “We plan on using DreamBox with all of our K-2 students as well as an intervention tool with our 3rd and 4th grade students, particularly since the new management tools make it easier for our teachers to gain insights into each student’s knowledge and hone in on the areas that still need work for a specific grade level.”

“Our customers are validating that effective, engaging technology in the classroom makes a huge, positive impact on both students and teachers,” said Lou Gray, Co-Founder and CEO of DreamBox Learning. “With our latest updates, DreamBox Learning K-2 Math Classroom will continue to supply the differentiated lessons that help both the advanced and struggling student thrive, allowing teachers to quickly identify who may need a little extra help or a bit more of a challenge. DreamBox Learning is the next-generation teacher’s aide.”

About DreamBox Learning K-2 Math & DreamBox Learning K-2 Math Classroom

DreamBox Learning K-2 Math is the adaptive product that supports what young students learn in the classroom by developing and reinforcing foundational math concepts through effective, individualized instruction while simultaneously being fun and engaging. DreamBox Learning K-2 Math Classroom is the school version of the product.

Unlike other kids’ math learning products, the underlying curriculum of DreamBox Learning K-2 Math is based on standards set by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and the program presents in-depth math lessons that develop computational fluency, conceptual understanding, and problem-solving ability. As the child embarks on his/her online math adventure, DreamBox Learning’s patented GuideRight™ technology analyzes a student’s individual responses and dynamically customizes the content and sequence for each child — just as a great teacher would adapt a lesson to adjust to students who learn in different ways. Kids are able to explore well over a million individual learning paths throughout their math adventures.

DreamBox Learning K-2 Math has been awarded many of the industry’s highest honors, including the AEP 2009 Golden Lamp, the AEP 2009 Distinguished Achievement Award, and Children’s Technology Workshop Editor’s Choice.

The DreamBox Learning K-2 Math Classroom Free Trial

Teachers can get a free 30-day subscription for the DreamBox Learning K-2 Math Classroom at In addition, home-based users can get a two-week free trial at Both DreamBox Learning K-2 Math and the DreamBox Learning K-2 Math Classroom can be accessed by any computer with a standard browser and a high-speed Internet connection.

About DreamBox Learning

DreamBox Learning was founded in 2006 in Bellevue, Washington by world-class technologists,

educators, interactive entertainment experts, and entrepreneurs who share a collective vision that

every child should have access to an individually tailored, Web-based learning experience that is

engaging, motivating, and effective. Backed by $7.1 million in angel funding, the company launched

a Web-based platform and its first adventure-themed online learning product called DreamBox

Learning K-2 Math in early 2009. The home-based product targets young students in kindergarten

through second grade and is designed to reinforce and teach real math through effective,

individualized instruction in an engaging and fun manner. DreamBox Learning K-2 Math is based on

NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) curriculum recommendations, reflecting lessons

taught in the classroom. More information can be found at

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