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DreamBox Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ Platform Significantly Improves Students’ Math Scores

SRI International Study of Rocketship Education’s Use of DreamBox Learning Validates Learning Gains

BELLEVUE, Wash., August 2, 2011 – DreamBox Learning ( today announced that its award-winning intelligent adaptive learning math platform, DreamBox Learning K-3 Math, has been proven effective in helping students achieve math proficiency in a study conducted by SRI International. The rigorous independent study examined the progress of nearly 600 students attending Rocketship Education, the nation’s leading network of K-5 hybrid charter schools. The study, conducted over a 16-week period, showed that students who had greater access to DreamBox Learning achieved significant gains in overall mathematics scores.

The SRI International study, Evaluation of Rocketship Education’s Use of DreamBox Learning Online Mathematics Program, was commissioned by Rocketship Education to measure the impact of online math learning on its students’ academic growth.

The study found that Rocketship students who received additional online math instruction through the DreamBox Learning program scored an average of 2.3 points higher on the NWEA mathematics test than similar students who did not receive the added online instruction time. For the average student, these gains would be equivalent to progressing 5.5 points in percentile ranking (e.g., from the 50th percentile to the 55.5th percentile) in just 16 weeks. To measure learning progress, students were administered the NWEA MAP mathematics test at the beginning and conclusion of the study.

SRI International stated that the research findings are particularly significant as the study is one of the first to consider the positive effect of online learning on early elementary students.

“The SRI study validates DreamBox Learning’s core value proposition – that intelligent adaptive learning is a game changer in education,” said Jessie Woolley-Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of DreamBox Learning. “DreamBox Learning’s nimble technology supports a wide array of blended learning models by providing differentiated instruction for a broad range of learners, from struggling to advanced, putting every student on the path to math proficiency. Rocketship is a showcase example of how the platform has significantly impacted math score gains across a diverse landscape of students.”

“The findings of the SRI study confirm our core belief that, when combined with outstanding traditional classroom instruction, online learning can play an integral role in raising student achievement,” said Aylon Samouha, Chief Schools Officer at Rocketship Education. “A key component of our Hybrid School Model is the invaluable time our students spend in Learning Lab utilizing adaptive, online technology to fill foundational gaps. We are excited to be partnering with DreamBox Learning, which is a great example of the type of online technology that is making a real difference with our students.”

A total of 583 K-1 students from Rocketship’s three schools in San Jose, California participated in this first-of-its-kind, 16-week study. Students were randomly assigned to a treatment and control group. All students received 100-110 minutes per day of math instruction in the traditional classroom. On average, students in the treatment group logged an average of 22 hours on DreamBox Learning over the 16-week period compared to an average of 5 hours in the control group.

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About DreamBox Learning

DreamBox Learning was founded in 2006 in Bellevue, Washington and acquired in April 2010 by the Charter Fund in partnership with Reed Hastings, a widely recognized educational philanthropist and CEO of Netflix, Inc. The intelligent adaptive learning company launched a Web-based platform and its first online learning product in January 2009, and the program has won more than 20 top education and technology industry awards. DreamBox Learning K-3 Math targets elementary students and delivers more than 500 core lessons with unlimited variations based on the Common Core State Standards. DreamBox Learning software is designed to teach and reinforce key mathematical concepts through effective, individualized instruction in an engaging and fun manner. The product’s patented “engine” constantly assesses each student’s mathematical understanding, provides the most suitable level of difficulty, hints and encouragement at the right pace for that child, and decides which next personally appropriate lessons to offer for subsequent choices. The company’s first product, DreamBox Learning K-2 Math, was followed by the DreamBox Math Classroom in April 2009 and DreamBox Learning K-3 Math in April 2010. More information is available at