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DreamBox Learning® Connects Print Materials and Adaptive Learning Technology to Enrich the Learning Experience

New capability allows student differentiation and professional development to complement math print materials like Eureka Math, EngageNY, and Contexts for Learning Mathematics

BELLEVUE, Wash. – Sept. 13, 2017 — DreamBox Learning® today announced AssignFocus™ by Print Program, a new capability in the company’s award-winning K-8 math solution that provides teachers with a strong connection between DreamBox Learning Math™ and their classroom curriculum.

With AssignFocus by Print Program, educators can create more comprehensive and differentiated math experiences for students by blending the power of DreamBox Learning’s proven adaptive, online K-8 math solution with popular print programs like Eureka, EngageNY, and Contexts for Learning Mathematics. This represents the newest application of DreamBox Learning’s pioneering technology to support great teaching and learning.

AssignFocus by Print Program gives educators more flexibility and choice in how they use DreamBox to differentiate for students and track their progress. Teachers can complement their instructional goals and district curricula by creating assignments using the module, topic, or unit names from the print program they’re using. Leveraging real-time proficiency data about each learner, this feature gives teachers the ability to automatically create differentiated assignments for each student that support concepts from the print programs used in the classroom. The blending of these two tools provides deeper learning opportunities by using DreamBox’s virtual manipulatives that are proven to develop problem-solving strategies, hone critical-thinking skills, and develop math fluency.

“DreamBox is committed to empowering educators with innovative resources to meet the needs of their students and improve student outcomes,” said Dr. Tim Hudson, senior vice president of learning, DreamBox Learning. “Print programs are often the main component of every student’s math experience. Because teachers are pressed for time, they need ways to quickly find effective digital resources that align with and enhance their classroom lessons. By blending DreamBox Learning’s powerful adaptive learning technology with print programs, we’re helping educators create a more comprehensive math curriculum that supports continuous differentiation and improves achievement.”

In addition to student learning, DreamBox’s MyFlexPD™ enables teachers to also access in-the-moment professional learning that integrates with the concepts in their curriculum. By accessing on-demand professional development modules that correspond to the topics in the print programs they use, teachers have a job-embedded way to deepen their understanding of specific mathematics concepts. MyFlexPD provides educators with a dashboard overview of where students are in their learning progression, along with corresponding professional development options that will allow them to better guide student success.

Studies of an early MyFlexPD prototype, developed with a research grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, found that students demonstrated over 30 percent more growth when they had a teacher who engaged in DreamBox’s professional development sessions.

DreamBox gained national attention last year when a study from the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University found that by using DreamBox for just 14 hours, students can increase their math achievement scores by four percentile points. These findings were in line with an earlier study that has made DreamBox the only elementary math software program to receive the highest rating of “Strong” on the website, which is produced by the Center for Research and Reform in Education (CRRE) at Johns Hopkins University School of Education.

“Our goal is to equip teachers with the best tools that provide a seamless and consistent learning experience for students,” Hudson said. “This print program connection helps teachers easily find the lessons they need while also empowering students to learn at their own pace. We’re excited about the possibilities for both educators and students.”


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DreamBox Learning was founded in 2006 in Bellevue, Wash. and the company’s pioneering Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ platform has won 40 top education and technology industry awards and is in use in all 50 states and throughout Canada. DreamBox Learning Math™ offers a groundbreaking combination of Intelligent Adaptive Learning, a rigorous K-8 mathematics curriculum and a motivating learning environment. The innovative DreamBox platform captures every decision a student makes and adjusts the student’s learning path and scaffolds support based on the student’s input delivering millions of individualized learning paths, each one tailored to the student’s unique needs. DreamBox Learning Math is available for PC and iPad. For more information, visit





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