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DreamBox Learning® and NWEA® Partner to Empower Teachers and Improve Student Achievement

March 8, 2018


Partnership equips educators with a new way to differentiate each student’s learning experience by connecting MAP Growth assessment with the proven power of DreamBox

BELLEVUE, Wash. —March 8, 2018— DreamBox Learning®, which pioneered Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ technology used in schools across the U.S. and Canada, and NWEA®, the leading not-for-profit provider of cutting-edge assessment solutions, today announced they have partnered to empower teachers with additional ways to use data, differentiate assignments, and improve student achievement.

Starting in Fall 2018, educators using the proven power of DreamBox Learning Math™ to improve student learning and assessment outcomes will also be able to use students’ NWEA MAP® Growth™ results to create differentiated assignments for individual students through the DreamBox AssignFocus™ capability for K-8. In these assignments, DreamBox’s intelligent adaptive engine addresses gaps in prior knowledge by using strategic, research-based learning pathways to engage and support each student right where they are. Teachers and administrators are able to monitor students’ math growth and proficiency in real time to ensure students succeed.

“We are honored to partner with NWEA to bring together two powerful education technologies that support personalized, motivational, and high-impact learning,” said Jessie Woolley-Wilson, DreamBox president and CEO. “DreamBox is committed to supporting educators and empowering them with relevant and responsive tools that help bring out the brilliance in every child. I am delighted to help learning guardians better leverage DreamBox’s intelligent adaptive technology as a complement to NWEA’s MAP Growth assessment.”

Independent studies from both the Center for Education Policy Research (CEPR) at Harvard University and SRI have found that DreamBox Learning K-8 Math improves student achievement as measured by MAP Growth.

“Teachers deserve assessments that not only measure their students’ learning, but also deliver timely and specific information that helps inform their instruction to accelerate the learning and academic growth of each student,” said Chris Minnich, CEO of NWEA. “This partnership provides a seamless way for educators to use students’ MAP Growth results to connect with individualized math lessons directly within DreamBox. We’re excited to be working with DreamBox and look forward to more innovative collaborations in the future.”  

MAP Growth is used by more than 11 million students in over 9,500 schools and districts within the U.S. and internationally.

About DreamBox Learning

DreamBox Learning, founded in 2006 in Bellevue, Washington, is the only K-8 digital math program powered by students, built by and for educators, and independently proven to positively impact student achievement. DreamBox dynamically adapts and differentiates in real time based not only on students’ answers, but also on how they solve problems. Along with actionable reporting and tools that empower differentiation for all learners, DreamBox gives teachers content-specific professional development and provides administrators with insights about how all students are progressing. The company’s pioneering platform has won more than 40 top education and technology industry awards and is in use in all 50 states and throughout Canada. DreamBox is available for PC and iPad. For more information, visit http://www.dreambox.com/.

About NWEA

NWEA® is a mission-driven, not-for-profit organization that supports students and educators worldwide by creating assessment solutions that precisely measure growth and proficiency—and provide insights to help tailor instruction. Educators in 145 countries and more than half the schools in the US rely on our flagship interim assessment, MAP® Growth™; our progress monitoring and skills mastery tool, MAP® Skills™; our reading fluency and comprehension assessment, MAP® Reading Fluency™; and the OECD Test for Schools (based on PISA). Visit NWEA.org to find out how NWEA can partner with you to help all kids learn.=


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