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School Districts Nationwide Accelerate Student Math and Reading Achievement with DreamBox Learning®

September 20, 2022


Compton Unified School District, Pinellas County Schools, and Catoosa County School District defy learning loss with just one hour of DreamBox use a week

BELLEVUE, Wash. — September 20, 2022 — DreamBox Learning, Inc. (“DreamBox”), the leading education technology provider and pioneer of intelligent adaptive learning, today announced new customer impact data demonstrating DreamBox increased student math and reading achievement during the pandemic. Supporting nearly 6 million students and 400,000 educators, DreamBox is the only provider of solutions rated “Strong” by Johns Hopkins’ EvidenceforESSA.org in both mathematics and reading.  

While a recent report by the National Assessment of Educational Progress found significant decreases in math and reading scores during the pandemic, DreamBox is partnering with district leaders to reverse pandemic learning loss by complementing teacher instruction with DreamBox’s adaptive and personalized learning technology. The result is increased learning achievement with just one hour of DreamBox use a week.

“The recent nationwide data on significant student math and reading score declines further illuminates the need to provide every student – regardless of race, gender, or zip code – with efficacious, engaging, and easy-to-use technology that meets them where they are,” said Jessie Woolley-Wilson, CEO and President of DreamBox Learning. “We are committed to being a trusted strategic partner that district administrators can lean on to accelerate learning in math and reading, deliver robust data analytics, and support their teachers with job-embedded professional development programming.”

Schools across the U.S., serving diverse student populations, are experiencing student learning growth by partnering with DreamBox. New customer impact data includes:

  • Compton Unified School District (CA): Compton USD, which serves 20,000 students with 99 percent minority enrollment, increased math achievement during the pandemic. Despite school closures during the 2020-21 school year, students who completed five or more DreamBox Math lessons per week (about an hour total) achieved two grade levels of growth.
  • Pinellas County Schools (FL): Pinellas County Schools, the 26th largest district in the U.S. serving over 100,000 students, found that students who completed an average of five or more DreamBox Math lessons per week for eight weeks increased more than five national achievement percentile points compared to students with low DreamBox usage. This result, which is based on student learning data in both fall 2019 and fall 2020, indicates that DreamBox Math usage led to similar increases in student achievement both for in-person learning in 2019 and remote learning in fall 2020. 
  • Catoosa County School District (GA): Serving approximately 10,500 students across 16 pre-K-12 schools, Catoosa County School District partnered with DreamBox to increase student learning achievement in math and reading. During the 2021-22 school year, K-2 students who completed five or more lessons of DreamBox Math grew 1.10 grade levels since the beginning of the school year. Meanwhile, students in grades 3-8 using DreamBox Reading (formerly Reading Plus) averaged 2.2 reading level gains.

“We chose DreamBox for its ability to adapt and meet the child where they are at, provide them with foundational skills, and build on those skills for accelerated learning achievement,” said Dr. Darin Brawley, Superintendent of Compton USD. “As a result, we’ve been able to counter pandemic learning loss, and our schools have now surpassed nearby districts for proficiency in math with DreamBox.”

DreamBox continues to earn industry recognition as a leading technology provider. Most recently, DreamBox Reading was named “Best Personalized Learning Solution” by the annual SIIA CODiE Awards.

About DreamBox Learning
DreamBox Learning, the leading K-12 education technology provider, is radically transforming the way the world learns. As the only dual-discipline solution rated “Strong” by Johns Hopkins’ EvidenceforESSA.org in both mathematics and reading, DreamBox uniquely provides schools high-quality adaptive learning solutions independently proven to accelerate student growth. Built by teachers and for teachers, DreamBox empowers educators with robust data analytics and content-specific professional development solutions to complement instruction. DreamBox supports 400,000 educators and approximately 6 million students in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and throughout the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and Mexico. For more information, visit https://www.dreambox.com/.


For information about partnering with DreamBox, contact: info@dreambox.com.

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