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Professional Development for South Carolina Educators

The South Carolina Department of Education and DreamBox Learning are pleased to provide implementation support to South Carolina districts participating in the Academic Recovery Initiative for All K–5 Math Learners.

South Carolina State

DreamBox Math

Accelerate Math Achievement

DreamBox Math is an evidence-based program that already supports more than 100,000 students across South Carolina in 32 school districts. The program dynamically adapts to the learner, providing individualized instruction. On average, students completing 5+ DreamBox lessons a week are growing 1.5 grade levels per year in mathematics. DreamBox is available in English and Spanish.

DreamBox South Carolina Webinars

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Webinars for South Carolina Educators

Join live webinar sessions focused on specific implementation topics to ensure you gain the latest insights and best practices. Choose a session led by our professional development team that fits with your schedule and interests.

DreamBox University

Resource Library

On-Demand Learning with DreamBox University

DreamBox University is a robust library of guided resources designed to provide on-demand professional development opportunities for educators to access when needed, all at their own pace. DreamBox University utilizes interactive videos and activities that model resources and best practices.

Gain access with code pdsc0021

Pop-In PD Scheduling

Meet with a PD Specialist

Pop-In Professional Development

South Carolina educators can schedule Pop-In PD to engage with professional learning on your schedule with content that is targeted to meet your immediate needs. Schedule a 15-minute mini-session with a DreamBox Professional Development Specialist on relevant topics including program functionality, data & reporting, student engagement, and more.  

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