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Teacher and elementary student in class learning to read

Coming Fall 2023!

Lifelong literacy learning starts with Reading Park

Introducing a truly adaptive, deeply engaging, and motivating foundational reading program.

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Watch our Reading Park demo video and discover the future of foundational reading - personalized, adaptive, and engaging!

Squiggle Park and DreamBox Learning

Intelligent Adaptive Learning Technology

Developed by the industry’s leaders in adaptive instruction

Built on DreamBox Learning patented Intelligent Adaptive Learning platform, Reading Park captures data from student answers, strategies, and behaviors to personalize learning in real time. This adaptivity ensures that students always access the right content at the right time.

Teacher and elementary student in class smiling

Research-based instructional play

Early reading skills in a delightful, fun environment

DreamBox Reading Park combines gamification with research-based structured reading pedagogy. It engages students in a playful learning environment. 

Students develop mastery over foundational skills built around their own programs, performance, productive struggle, and play. 

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