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Grades 3-12

For students reading to learn

Accelerate proficiency through personalized instruction and intervention for students in grades 3-12. DreamBox Reading is an evidence-based, online program that provides personalized instruction and intervention for students, improving reading proficiency by 2.5 grade levels in a single school year. The adaptive literacy program develops fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary, while also measuring student motivation.

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DreamBox has everything students need to build reading confidence

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Screenshot of reading assessment on laptop


A 360-degree view of every student in just minutes

It all starts with InSight, an adaptive assessment that provides a fast and effective way to determine students’ reading proficiency and ensure they are on the best learning path to success.

In less than one hour, educators can have a clear, comprehensive picture of students’ skills and abilities across silent reading fluency, comprehension, vocabulary and motivation. This data can inform placement and instructional intensity.

DreamBox Reading guided window scaffolding


Personalized scaffolding to build independent reading skills

The Guided Window™ makes reading comfortable by scaffolding the silent reading process. It moves at the rate each student reads and adapts based on the student’s performance. This tool makes reading comfortable and frees up the mental energy needed for comprehension.

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Experience the Student Journey

Dive into our interactive experience and see how our product supports diverse student personas. Discover the difference it makes.

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Content Library

Diverse Content Library

Content to support self-directed learning & exploration

Reading Plus offers students the ability to understand the world around them through texts that reflect their own lives and experiences, and texts through which they can view the lives and experiences of others.

  • 19 reading levels ranging from early-first-grade readability through college-level texts
  • Five levels of content for older students reading well below grade level
  • Texts from global sources to support expansion of cross-curricular knowledge

Report: COVID-19 pilots results 2020

COVID-19 Pilots: Students using Reading Plus for remote learning demonstrated 0.5 to 1 grade level growth in only 20-40 lessons (8-16 hours of use)

Case Study: Henderson Collegiate Middle School

Results have shown that students at Henderson Collegiate Middle School with strong fidelity of use made 4.4 instructional grade levels of growth in 2020-2021.

National results for the 2019-2020 school year

Students achieved expected growth despite COVID-19 school closures—results highly consistent with prior years

Article: Successful reading intervention implementation

Once you’ve chosen a reading intervention that suits your needs, how do you implement it to ensure its success?


Research & Results

DreamBox Reading Plus is an evidence-based adaptive reading intervention and improvement program with a large research portfolio that demonstrates statistically significant effects on improving student outcomes. The program has been extensively validated in a wide range of districts and populations.


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