DreamBox Insight Dashboard Reports for Educators

Your students have a deeper understanding of math. Now you have a deeper understanding of your students.

With DreamBox Learning® Math, students are evaluated throughout their learning process. The same continuous formative assessment that delivers personalization of path, pace, and sequence for every learner also captures the instructional insights and learning data needed to make informed decisions about instruction and instructional programming.

Insight Dashboards

DreamBox Learning Math provides tailored insights for every participant of the learning experience. Reports specific to administrators, teachers, and parents strengthen involvement and communication between home, school, and community—anytime, anywhere.

Tailored Insights for Administrators

Specific, measurable, and actionable data on learning trends make it easy to evaluate instructional programming and understand student preparedness for high-stakes assessments.

Advanced Assistance for Teachers

Know which skills students have mastered, are in the process of learning, or have not attempted. Empowered with these insights, you can quickly see when to stay the course or pivot to accelerate, differentiate, or remediate.

New Perspectives for Families

Facilitate meaningful conversations about student learning by providing families with in-the-moment information about what their students are working on and where additional support is needed.


DreamBox reports highlight exactly where there are gaps in each student’s math background.

Ms. Hall, Fourth Grade Teacher, Davis Elementary