Strengthen family involvement in student learning and success

The DreamBox Learning® Math Family Insight Dashboard enables meaningful home-to-school connections that raise awareness of the curriculum, strategies, and progress of students in real time, so teachers and family learning guardians can work together for student success.

Family Reports - Overview

Dashboard alerts surface where attention is needed and when to congratulate success – in real-time.

How can families and teachers have more meaningful conversations about student math learning?

Families receive information that highlights important learning milestones to support the partnership between teacher and family so learning needs—and achievements—can be addressed when they matter most.

  • Progress notifications provide insight into the progress a student making his or her math learning in real time
  • Explore the concepts students are learning and play lessons and games together

Are students meeting learning goals?

With DreamBox Learning® Math you see, at-a-glance, what skills students have mastered, are in the process of learning or haven’t started yet.

  • Access real-time insights into learning progress
  • Gain insight into the level of proficiency the student has in relation to math concepts
  • See growth in proficiency over a given time – last week, month, or school year

Family Reports - Standards

Learn how DreamBox aligns to Math Standards.

Family Reports - Usage

Quickly gauge student usage at-a-glance for every student in the family on DreamBox.

How are student spending learning time?

Easily monitor student learning engagement, including lesson completed and time on task—during and after school hours.

  • See if weekly goals for number of lessons completed are being met
  • Check the exact amount of time the student is playing


I like how the Insight Dashboard gives a quick snapshot of the most important and useful information. I can immediately see which students need support and encouragement, and focus on those areas. Every Friday I review the reports to see if students’ goals in DreamBox have been met. It helps me see who I should be high-fiving.

Lisa Buckner, Linden Elementary School, TN