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17 Spooktacular Math Activities for Fall

October 27, 2015

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1. Eyeball Estimation


Fill three to five jars with slimy peeled grapes (or rubber balls), add a little red, purple, or orange food coloring, and ask students to estimate how many “eyeballs” are in each jar. For older students, have them use the different numbers of eyeballs to see how many math equations they can come up with. Try putting grapes in tonic water and turn out the lights—it glows in the dark! (Grades K–5)

2. The Pumpkin Project


Third grade teacher Alycia Zimmerman, a self-described Ms. Frizzle wannabe, created this awesome lesson plan that melds standards-based math and science content with slimy, tactile teamwork. Check out the full lesson plan and downloadable qualitative and quantitative data worksheets. (Grades 3–5)

3. Trick-or-Treat Math Riddle

cavity custome

Kids will love figuring out this Trick-or-Treat Math Riddle where they listen to the story of Max’s spooky Trick-or-Treat math adventure. Teachers can read the story or play an audio version. (Grades K–2)

4. Fun with Candy Corn


25 Free Candy Corn Printable Worksheets: These aren’t all for Halloween math lessons but we couldn’t resist! (Grades K–5)

5. Pumpkin Math Jokes


Check out these pumpkin math jokes that will tickle anyone’s funny bone!

6. How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin?


Get the book “How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin” by Margaret McNamara and follow along. Here’s more about this classic book.

7. Does a pumpkin float?


Find out if a pumpkin floats—and why, or why not. What about a really large pumpkin? You’d be surprised. Have students wrap a string around a pumpkin and guess the size (circumference). For extra credit figure out the diameter (hint: 3.14 × diameter = circumference).

8. Halloween Fun with Place Values


This 3-minute video-poem teaches place value (ones, tens, and hundreds places) through a kooky-spooky family.

9. Trick-or-Treat Math Game


Young kids will love this interactive game of matching cards that teaches place value, matching, and simple addition.

10. Just for Fun

This video shows a man rafting a 1,200-pound pumpkin through Class 3 white water rapids in the mighty Colorado River!

More fun fall math worksheets and activities:

  1. Halloween Match-Up: Young children practice writing numbers and matching them with the correct group of hats, brooms, and pumpkins. (Grades K–2)
  2. Halloween Math Activity Book: Fill in the blanks to create a scary story, solve pumpkin math problems, add together ingredients to create a gruesome recipe, and more! (Grades K–2)
  3. Haunted House Math Match: Kids will love drawing spooky mansions and decorating them with addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division equations and solutions, and then matching them up. For an added challenge, set your stopwatch and see how many problems and solutions they can match up. (Grades 1–5)
  4. Interactive Haunted House Math Games: This collection of spooky, fun online games incorporates counting by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s—up to 100. (Grades 1–5)
  5. Spider Search: Students use their protractors and geometry know-how to check out all of the angles of a creepy spider web. (Grades 3–5)
  6. Count and Compare: A variety of printable worksheets and lesson activities for Halloween. (Grades 3–5)
  7. Witch’s Brew Worksheet: Helps kids to identify equivalent fractions and decimals, and convert between the two. (Grades 5–7)


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