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5 Ways to Get Students Excited About the Math Challenge

April 05, 2021


Ready, set goals, go!


Keep in mind that good habits formed during the Math Challenge can drive perseverance and growth all year long. Here are five ways you can build excitement over the next few months, and keep the momentum going strong throughout the school year—and beyond.

Encourage students to complete 5 lessons per week.
It’s important to set goals on DreamBox with your students throughout the year, but the Math Challenge is especially great for reinforcing the DreamBox best practice of completing 5 lessons per week.

Show each student how they can contribute to class Math Challenge goals.
Use the data you’ve collected in DreamBox and start having one-on-one conferences with your kids. Show them how many lessons per week they’ve completed so far this school year and explain how they could be a key contributor during the Math Challenge.

Celebrate individual accomplishments as a class.
As students start accomplishing some of their personal goals within the context of the team goal, be sure to celebrate their achievements. If you click on Classroom Motivators under the Resources tab in your Insight Dashboard, you’ll find printable Student of Excellence certificates to recognize individual students. You can also award stickers for various milestones or give students shout-outs in front of the class. Shining the spotlight on kids when they achieve a goal can boost their confidence, inspire their peers, and drive greater participation.

Share DreamBox progress data with your students.
Log on to your Insight Dashboard regularly to look at individual and classroom data and start framing conversations around that. Again, you could share this data in one-on-one sessions, or you could talk about it together as a classroom—maybe in a weekly team huddle! Showing students how DreamBox tracks their progress can help them to feel more invested in their learning. It may also motivate them to track their own progress and encourage them to challenge themselves.

Create and display visuals in your (virtual) classroom to showcase the team’s progress.
We suggest finding ways to post goal charts and other visuals in your (virtual) classroom to display progress. This is a great way for students to visualize their growth and see how their personal goals align with larger classroom goals. For example, one DreamBox teacher created a Math Challenge racetrack that went around her classroom walls. Each time students completed a certain number of lessons, they got to move the car with their name on it further toward the finish line! It helped keep everybody excited, engaged, and focused on a common goal. If you’re looking for more ideas for tracking progress in your classroom, there’s no shortage of clever charts on Pinterest.

If you’re registered for the Math Challenge, check out the private Math Challenge Channel in DreamBox Nation.

To log into DreamBox Nation, log into your Insight Dashboard.

  • Go to Resources
  • Scroll down and click ‘DreamBox Nation’

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