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Bringing diversity and inclusion to math classrooms

June 16, 2021

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DreamBox knows that by fostering inclusion and diversity in math, all students benefit. Why? Because children learn best when they feel included and represented in the classroom. But the positive effects are much more far-reaching than just the classroom. According to Drexel University School of Education, “Greater multicultural awareness and inclusion help students with different backgrounds and needs succeed… and encourages acceptance and helps prepare students to thrive in an exponentially diverse world.” 

Cultural diversity in school classrooms is on the rise, providing an opportunity to incorporate culturally responsive instruction. Children who interact with different cultures early in life can naturally accept and accommodate diversity. In a multicultural society such as ours, children comfortable with diversity and inclusion will be more prepared to navigate real-world careers and professions with ease.

Hearing the clarion call for diversity and responding to comments from African American parents, DreamBox has expanded its repertoire of avatars to meet that need. One parent had noted that because of minimal options for brown children, her son “was forced to choose an avatar that looks nothing like him.” As lifelong learners, DreamBox employees are always seeking feedback from customers on how they can improve the program for all students and educators.

DreamBox has always strived for math equity and inclusion, the basic tenets of which are:

  • Knowing your students
  • Maintaining communication with students and parents
  • Incorporating diversity in lessons
  • Giving students freedom and flexibility
  • Acknowledging and respecting every student
  • Practicing cultural sensitivity

Teachers who use DreamBox Learning Math have always had the ability to know, understand and communicate easily with students and parents. The adaptive technology, which incorporates diversity into lessons, gives students freedom and flexibility to learn the way that they learn best. Certificates recognizing student progress has always been part of our culture. Now, our more inclusive avatars help offer cultural sensitivity with a wider range of personalities that are more like their own.

DreamBox gaming-style lessons delight and surprise children. The addition of diverse avatars can help awaken open-mindedness – awareness that everyone is different and learns differently. Open-mindedness can help children grow into adults who easily traverse cultural inclusivity in an evolving world.

DreamBox Learning marketing team.

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