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Growth mindset: understanding the destination and leveraging what you have discovered

February 11, 2021


Gathering the data 

One of the greatest challenges for teachers and administrators is using data to effect real change. It’s easy to get caught up in the now but not give enough time to the then. We collect an abundance of data – but sometimes it can be relegated to a passing, “Oh, that’s interesting,” and we’re on to the next thing. So how do we leverage what we discover on a learning journey? More important, how do we coordinate the many data points we collect to determine a destination? Blended Learning is becoming a priority in many classrooms, schools and districts around the country. Educators work with learners at different levels and need resources to support their core instruction as well as provide opportunities for remediation and enrichment. To do so, educators need to collect a variety of data to understand the unique needs of each learner. DreamBox Intelligent Adaptive Learning provides ongoing support to meet the needs of all our mathematicians. The next step is to create opportunities for educators to put those data to work.

Collaborating with colleagues

DreamBox Learning’s Insight Dashboard translates thousands of data points per hour, per student. It turns those data into information and insights that are instantly available, actionable and easy to interpret. While teachers use the data in their reports to navigate their students’ journeys, school leaders can also access these data to gain insight into each learner in each classroom at every grade level. When school administrators log into the Insights Dashboard, they can analyze school and classroom data to find pockets of success to replicate and areas that need support. School leaders can partner with educators during collaboration meetings or PLCs to help them reflect on their data from learners. This intentional collaboration will create opportunities for educators to learn from one another as they create goals for their learners. Administrators can lead these conversations by asking teachers reflective questions such as:

  1. What goals do we have for our learners?
  2. How will we know they’ve learned it?
  3. What barriers do you anticipate in achieving your goals?
  4. How can we overcome these barriers?
  5. How will we respond if students don’t meet their goals?
  6. How will we respond if students meet their goals?

Leading these conversations not only provides educators with an opportunity to reflect on their data and practices, but it gives them an avenue to collaboratively plan next steps for high impact instruction.

Engaging learning guardians

Educators have the tools needed in the classroom for students to discover, learn and grow as mathematicians. Partners in that educational journey are the learning guardians at home. Investing time in communication with parents helps to ensure success. Whether schools meet in person or a virtual environment, parents need information to support and empower their students. Schools can facilitate this in many ways:

  • Share the learning goals (journey) for individual students.
  • Offer learning opportunities for parents (e.g., webinars or other learning sessions).
  • Reimagine curriculum nights with a focus on blended and personalized learning that occurs in classrooms.
  • Promote student-led conferences with students sharing what they know and what they’re learning.
  • Engage parents in learning by providing access to the Insight Family Dashboard.

When families and learning guardians are engaged, communication is stronger and it’s one of the best ways to create a positive learning environment for every student. 

As educators, we work hard to develop the identity of our mathematicians while providing them with a world class education. When we work together to meet the needs of all our learners and personalize their journeys to help them grow and learn, the possibilities are endless!

Authored by Jackie Cannarella, Melissa Hurt, Dr. Kendra Thurmond and Danielle Sellenriek

DreamBox Learning marketing team.

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