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How DreamBox Learning helps solve 5 summer program challenges

December 13, 2022


Summer school programs are an ideal way to provide learning recovery and reinforce critical math and reading skills. Yet, developing an effective summer program can come with unique challenges.  Leaders have less time to plan and fewer teachers to help students who need the most support. DreamBox Math and Reading Plus programs help educators accelerate learning during the most challenging and crucial instructional periods. 

DreamBox Learning helps educators address summer program challenges  

Challenge 1: Driving instructional impact during accelerated timelines  

Differentiated instruction is key to achieving high impact during summer. Both DreamBox Math and Reading Plus set educators and students up for success. They employ Intelligent Adaptive Learning technology that dynamically adjusts and personalizes learning for students. Adaptive solutions ensure that students always receive the right support, at the right time. 

Challenge 2: Supporting limited instructor bandwidth 

DreamBox Learning continuously captures student data to help educators measure progress, identify learning gains, and determine areas for growth. With access to student reports and instructional resources, teachers can quickly differentiate learning to make the most informed instructional decisions for every student.  

DreamBox data also enables teachers to quickly and easily create small groups for targeted instruction. While some students work with their instructor in small groups, other students can work independently in DreamBox programs.  

Challenge 3: Adopting easy-to-use technologies  

Summer programs demand flexibility. DreamBox programs are easy to implement for in-school summer programs, hybrid learning opportunities, or at-home practice. Programs are available 24/7 from any internet-connected device. The DreamBox support team is available during an inclusive range of hours to support students, parents, educators, and administrators via email, live chat, and phone.  

DreamBox Learning also ensures educators have all the resources they need to successfully adopt programs. The professional development team supports implementation every step of the way. Support includes webinars, individualized coaching, data walkthroughs, and full access to DreamBox University complementary, self-paced onboarding courses. 

Challenge 4: Engaging and motivating students and families 

Math and reading content personalized to every student allows them to take agency in their learning. Students are excited to engage in gamified lessons and read from a content library that supports equity, diversity, and inclusion.  

Research from the RAND Corporation found that communication with families is critical to summer school recruitment, attendance, and success. DreamBox provides family reports that allow learning guardians to track their student’s progress and feel empowered to support summer school efforts.  

Challenge 5: Yielding rapid, measurable results 

DreamBox is the only dual-discipline solution rated STRONG by Johns Hopkins EvidenceforESSA.org in math and reading. Both DreamBox Math and Reading Plus have third-party research and data that indicate both programs have had positive impacts on student learning when implemented with frequency and fidelity. 

MATH: In just six weeks of summer DreamBox Math usage, students who completed 10+ lessons per week (about two hours) progressed through nearly one-third grade level of math.  

Data indicates that students who completed the recommended five lessons per week in DreamBox Math over the summer demonstrated 17% growth in math within six weeks.  

In eight weeks, students who used DreamBox Math for one hour per week demonstrated over 5 percentile point gains on their NWEA MAP assessments.   

READING: Recent data indicates students demonstrated 1.0 grade-level growth in 16 hours using Reading Plus.  

Ready to discover how DreamBox can help drive learning across your summer school programs?  

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