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Math Learning

October 26, 2021

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Effective, adaptive and engaging elementary school instruction

Math Learning with DreamBox provides answers for teachers, administrators, and parents who are looking for a way to align with standards – Common Core Math Standards, TEKS, SOL, WNCP, and Ontario Curriculum — with an online solution that supports blended learning and personalized learning. With DreamBox, all children can become proficient mathematical thinkers when their learning environment is engaging, individualized, and responsive to their developing needs and strategies. The DreamBox Learning adaptive learning platform helps classroom teachers, schools, and districts effectively differentiate instruction for students. It accelerates learning at the same time as it makes learning math fun.

How and where schools use DreamBox online math learning solutions

Dynamic, fine-grained adaptations and a robust curriculum make DreamBox Learning an ideal math resource in a broad range of instructional settings:

Classroom: Students use DreamBox to work independently on meaningful learning activities. Teachers use DreamBox in large- and small-group instructional settings, and on a 1-to-1 basis, to help all students excel in math.

Computer Lab: Whole classes learn independently, or small groups receive pull-out instruction with math specialists.

Response to Intervention RTI:  In a mathematics intervention program, DreamBox is appropriate for all 3 tiers of Response to Intervention (RTI).

English Language Learners (ELL): DreamBox supports ELL students by using strong visual representations with minimal reading.

Enrichment: For enrichment, accelerated learners are appropriately challenged and able to quickly move ahead to higher level math.

School Improvement Grant (SIG): Schools that are awarded a School Improvement Grant (SIG) must dramatically improve academic performance, demonstrate adequate yearly progress and boost test scores. DreamBox Learning has been shown to help achieve these goals.

Summer school: During summer school, daily use of DreamBox increases math proficiency.

Before and after school programs:  Give all students the opportunity to excel in math.

Home: When students get additional time on DreamBox at home, they demonstrate additional proficiency and progress. Parents have an opportunity to participate in learning and track their child’s progress.

Rigorous curriculum

DreamBox Learning Math is a rigorous curriculum, delivered through the most advanced adaptive learning technology, and taught in a way that makes learning fun. The curriculum develops conceptual understanding, computational fluency, and problem-solving ability in alignment with standards in the U.S. and Canada. And teachers and administrators get a detailed view of the progress each student is making in the Teacher Dashboard. Learn how independent research has proven DreamBox’s effectiveness.

Easy to implement and use
Flexible student licensing, simple account set-up, and web-based access make DreamBox Learning easy to implement and scale from a classroom or computer lab to a whole school or district. Learn more about subscriptions for our online learning solution.


Effectiveness Study: SRI International Study Independent research firm SRI found that at three Rocketship Education schools in California, students who received additional online math instruction from DreamBox Learning scored an average of 2.3 points higher on the NWEA mathematics test than students who didn’t receive the additional DreamBox Learning instruction. These gains are equivalent to progressing 5.5 points in percentile ranking in just 16 weeks.


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