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How Personalized Learning Can Benefit Students

September 24, 2013


The world has changed substantially in the last 100 years, and education needs to change as well to ensure our children are fully prepared for a world we could hardly imagine when we were growing up. “One-size-fits-all” education may have been sufficient years ago. It’s not now.  Today, a  personalized learning approach that uses technology in the classroom to pace instruction to match students’ needs and tailor learning to their interests works—for both learners and teachers.  

Higher student engagement

Rather than passively receiving and reiterating information, students in 21st century personalized learning environments take an active role in their education and contribute to their own learning. They can work with teachers to set learning goals for themselves, and are able to work toward them through blended learning, combining face-to-face interaction with their teacher and the use of education technology.

Technology also gives students the opportunity to independently seek out resources beyond those that are offered at school. Fifteen percent of students in Grades 6 through 12 said they have either informally tutored other students online or found an expert to help them with their own questions. While collaboration is nothing new in American schools, the expanded use of technology brings it to an entirely new level

Better time allocation for teachers

The “sage on the stage” is being replaced by “the guide on the side”—and that’s a good thing.  Education technology can take over the task of primary instruction, allowing teachers to act as guides and facilitators of learning rather than lecturers. The fusing of technology and education not only allows teachers to foster a more collaborative environment, but also cultivates student engagement. In fact, interest jumps 27 percent in student- and teacher-driven classrooms that utilize technology.

The infographic, How Personalized Learning Can Benefit Students, shows how the personalized learning model boosts engagement, achievement, and helps both students and teachers optimize their educational efforts for greater success.

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