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The DreamBox Difference: Our Team - Kevin

March 08, 2023


We’d like to introduce Kevin, our Senior Director, Customer Support and Operations.

DreamBox Learning is unique for our ability to support educators and drive student learning. We’re unique because our team has heart. Diverse, passionate individuals who bring a range of incredible skills, perspectives, and experiences to the table comprise our team.  

For us, it’s important to capture their stories and share what makes them special. We celebrate the people at DreamBox who bring ideas to life, make the impossible possible, and empower their teams to do well to do good.  

Please meet our teammate, thought leader, and friend, Kevin. 



DreamBox Interviewer: It’s so exciting to kick off our program with you, Kevin. We’d love to hear about your hero’s journey, and the path that brought you to this moment. Where are you based? 

Kevin: I am a native Floridian and spend my time between Orlando, Florida and Philadelphia. There is nothing like Philly cuisine. I love all things food and enjoy trying new delicacies. 

DreamBox Interviewer: What inspired you to work in education? 

Kevin: I grew up in the insurance industry and moved to higher education initially. After a stint in higher education, I was yearning for more impact for students in their earlier stages in life.  

DreamBox interviewer: Was there a person or event that inspired your love of reading or math? 

Kevin:  I can clearly remember my 5th grade teacher, who always encouraged me in all subjects. He was supportive, accepting, open, connected and really fueled my love of learning.  

DreamBox Interviewer: Hence, you joined DreamBox. Was there something special about the organization that brought you here? 

Kevin: I was intrigued by DreamBox’s vision and mission. The products are very effective in creating sustainable learning improvements for students, and this was a key point that drew me to the organization. I joined about six months ago and have enjoyed every minute of this opportunity. 

DreamBox interviewer: How would you describe the DreamBox Difference?  

Kevin: Joining DreamBox has been a unique experience. The DreamBox difference is the people. It’s a community of individuals who are not only good human beings but also dedicated to improving educational outcomes for all learners.   

DreamBox Interviewer: How do you like to approach your work? 

Kevin: I thoroughly enjoy serving people, driving improved outcomes, and most important, having fun. As a result, I now have about 25 years of operations leadership experience. One thing I really appreciate at DreamBox is the team’s commitment to benevolent friction. I think in order to survive among competition, evolving customer needs, and market conditions, we must continue to challenge how we do things. We must be innovative and iterate our current state constantly, and I believe this is done by creating benevolent friction. 

DreamBox Interviewer: In addition to benevolent friction, what skills do you believe are most important to thrive in a career? 

Kevin: I think the skills that everyone should focus on include self-awareness, effective communication, mindfulness, and lifelong learning. 

DreamBox Interviewer: Agreed! Are there any ways you are working to continue to hone those skills for your own growth?  

Kevin: Before I accepted my role at DreamBox, I participated in a co-active coaching training. This experience included a series of introspective classes that helped me to grow both personally and professionally. I am currently determining when I will pursue certification so that I can continue to put these learnings into practice to help serve others. 

DreamBox Interviewer: How do you unwind? 

Kevin: Family is really important to me, and I love spending time with my husband Bryan and our Goldendoodle Millie. In my free time I love to read, spend time at the beach, and travel the world to soak in as much of life as I can. 

DreamBox interviewer: Thank you so much for spending time with me today, Kevin, it’s been a great conversation. The last thing we’d like to ask is – what motivates you? 

Kevin: Serving people in organizations by supporting them, helping them develop, and seeing their growth. Being a part of something bigger and having a larger impact on others and the communities we serve. 




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