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Tips for Remembering Classroom Codes

February 23, 2020

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Classroom codes are a recent addition to DreamBox that makes it easier and more secure for K-2 students, who log in directly to DreamBox (rather than through a Single Sign-On portal)*, to enter their classroom. With this feature, K-2 students can type their unique code into DreamBox to quickly enter their class.

Because some younger students need a little extra help remembering five-digit numbers, we wanted to find out which techniques teachers have used most successfully to help kids remember their classroom code.

In a recent DreamBox Nation survey, teachers were presented with three popular methods — login cards, wall posters, and songs — and asked to indicate which they have either used in the past or would consider using in their classrooms. Here’s what they told us:


Teachers also shared their own unique tips and tricks, which included:

  • Attaching login cards to a key ring or taping them to either a laptop or headphones.
  • Practicing typing or chanting the code each day.
  • Sending home a number pad so that students can practice typing out the code and then compete with classmates to see who can login the fastest.
  • Creating a master login sheet that includes the DreamBox classroom code plus login info for all other classroom apps. Sheets are then taped inside of each student’s math journals and folders, plus one copy is sent home.


Helpful Tools for the Classroom


Login Cards


1) Log in to your Insight Dashboard.

*Tip: Save your DreamBox login page as a bookmark or desktop shortcut.

2) From the Navigation Pane, select your classroom name.

3) From the top of the Reports Pane, click the Login Cards icon


4) Print and attach cards to computers, headphones, binders, etc.

Customizable Wall Poster

Print a customizable, 8.5” x 11” DreamBox wall poster and post it in the classroom.

*Note: You can type your classroom code into this document using Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Reader or your web browser.


Sing Your Code to the Tune of B-I-N-G-O

For example, if your classroom code were 98004, then your students can sing:

And now I know my class code!

Do you have any other tips and tricks for remembering classroom codes? Let us know! Tweet us @DreamBox_Learn.

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Customer Support

*Classrooms that use Single Sign-On, log in to DreamBox through a portal such as Clever or through a student or district portal, and do not use classroom codes.


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