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Tips to keep students learning during the holidays

December 07, 2021


Tips to keep students learning during the holidays

Emotions and energy over holidays and extended school breaks are guaranteed to go up and down, for both grown-ups and kids. Add in a bit of math and you may have an equation for drama!

Here are five tips to help your child stay on the learning track during the holidays 

  • Find out if your child’s teacher has shared a lesson-completion goal for the break. DreamBox recommends students complete 5 lessons per week. Week Streaks in DreamBox keep going when students complete 5 lessons per week, even over the holidays!
  • Celebrate that your child logged in and completed lessons or was excited to share the screen with you.
  • Consider having your child engage with DreamBox during his or her most alert and responsive time of the day. Some students learn best in the morning, while others prefer afternoons or evenings.
  • Embrace the flexibility that education technology provides by allowing your child to choose comfortable spaces to work on lessons. A nice, comfy chair or spot on the couch might be just what your learner needs to boost engagement.
  • Adjust expectations by focusing on perseverance and lesson completion instead of time spent on lessons. Give students the freedom to enjoy the program without making it feel like a mandatory assignment. You’ll not only set your child up for success but also create a positive experience in which they are more likely to engage in a deeper and organic manner.

DreamBox adapts in the moment to each child’s ability. As a result, children are motivated to try new problems and build on previous knowledge to work toward new discovery and understanding. For more holiday activities to keep your child engaged on DreamBox, check out the Winter Math Holiday Fun Pack on our Kids Activity Page.

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