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Welcome Back, DreamBoxers!

July 26, 2021

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As a wave of bright new energy rolls into a brand-new school year, students, parents and education professionals are preparing to unleash growth potential in math.

We have some exciting new DreamBox features to share with you! Get ready for new ways to promote learning and gain deeper insights.


Set up DreamBox quickly and easily: Administrators can now access a self-service view to see a list of educators and their corresponding access level. This new feature also allows administrators to make changes to roles, school assignments and classroom assignments directly on the dashboard.

Updates to common rostering methods: For those using the Insight Roster Upload (IRU) method, new improvements have added clarity and ease to the rostering process with information and prompts to guide administrators and identify any errors. DreamBox is also now fully compatible with ClassLink. This update allows students and teachers to log in to DreamBox through the ClassLink SSO and use ClassLink to roster and manage students in DreamBox.


Professional development from the start: The DreamBox Professional Development team has created a complimentary, on-demand, onboarding course within DreamBox University. In this course, teachers can gain an initial introduction to DreamBox, develop an understanding of the adaptive engine and learn best practices to impact long-term student growth and development in mathematics.


New lessons accelerate growth and develop conceptual understanding

Word Problems (grades 3-4): New Build and Solve Word Problems lessons make traditional word problems interactive. Written for 3rd and 4th graders, these lessons will help students apply strategies they learned in related DreamBox lessons and allow students to choose the story context that interests them.

Measurement (grades K-2): DreamBox has created new lessons for K-2 measurement that build students’ understanding of distance as a linear measure using standard units and common tools, like a yard or meter stick.

Geometry (8th grade): In the Transform with Tables lesson, students experiment with transformations of shapes on a coordinate grid and protect a ranch’s herd from predators.

New metrics to empower students

Students can track their progress toward goals, including session time, weekly time and completed lessons per week. With the new Week Streak feature (coming soon), students can track subsequent weeks in which they complete at least five lessons. Being able to view their own progress motivates students to stay engaged with DreamBox and celebrate their success.


Using data to provide actionable insights for educators: The new Lesson Recommendations feature provides educators meaningful and actionable information about student learning within DreamBox and makes lesson recommendations for each student based on these insights. With these new capabilities, educators can easily and quickly understand where each student is now, where they need to go next, and which students can work together on a given topic.

Tracking student progress:

DreamBox enhanced its growth report, now named the DreamBox Impact Report, to highlight information about how students are improving in math. The enhanced report shows three metrics that work together to build a complete picture of DreamBox’s impact:

  • The Growth metric shows how much growth students have achieved in the school year. Students who complete the recommended 5 DreamBox lessons per week typically see 1.5 years of growth across a school year.
  • The Progress in DreamBox metric measures students’ growth by their progress through one year of DreamBox curriculum.
  • The Standards Gained metric measures the number of standards in which students have gained proficiency since the start of the school year.

DreamBox is excited to partner with you to foster a productive and enthusiastic approach to math learning that helps all students develop into confident mathematicians.

This is the second article in our back-to-school blog series spotlighting ways that DreamBox Learning is supporting teachers and students this Back-to-School 2021. Read other articles in the series to learn about top dashboard reportsintroducing students to DreamBoxsetting healthy goals, and reorienting negative self-talk.

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