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Case Studies

Bethany Elementary School teacher’s 5th graders see math proficiency improve over 260%

July 20, 2022

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John Plunkett, 5th grade teacher at Bethany Elementary School, Beaverton School District, breathed a sigh of relief when COVID released its grip on the nation. As students happily reentered the classroom, Plunkett’s goal was, “to develop a safe and supportive learning environment as the students transitioned back from remote to in-person learning and to use a range of technology to help develop a foundation for academic success in middle school.” The result of the many hours he spent on creating engaging curriculum? “My class has over 260% growth in DreamBox [Math],” he says.

Our class has quite a range of abilities and the program helps all of them access material at their level,” he says. “In addition, the fact that assigned lessons only appear for students who have yet to show proficiency makes things much easier as a teacher to monitor.

John Plunkett

5th grade teacher at Bethany/Beaverton School District

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