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Case Studies

DreamBox Math engages students and catalyzes success at Carson Elementary

August 08, 2022


As students returned to school in the fall of 2021, Carson Elementary teachers recognized that beyond regression in math learning, many students’ focus and stamina to engage with instruction and practice had also decreased over the course of the pandemic. Carson Elementary administrators knew they needed to use a solution proven to accelerate math learning for students that would be both a low burden for teachers to implement in their classrooms and enjoyable and engaging for students. With this growing set of needs, Carson Elementary deployed DreamBox Math for all their K-6 students. 

With the need to rebuild student endurance and resilience, Carson Elementary educators knew that providing students with learning opportunities that excited them was especially important. They understood that when students are enthusiastic about their learning, they are more likely to engage with material in a way that deepens their understanding, reinforces skills and propels growth. And DreamBox Math provided an optimal platform to meet this goal. 

Mary-Elizabeth Gendreau, the Assistant Principal at Carson Elementary, shared that their teachers immediately saw that students were “excited to practice” with DreamBox, actively seeking out time and asking teachers to work on the lessons and games.

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