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Case Studies

Laurens County teachers and students embrace DreamBox Learning™ for math proficiency

January 09, 2023

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Support and recognition for a job well done are key in the Laurens County School District 56 goal to build better number sense among its students. Eddie Marshall, Director of Federal Programs and Elementary Education; and Dr. Edith Ann Grant, District Math Specialist, kicked off the 2022 school year with a math challenge.  

The purpose was twofold. First, to engage students in gaining comfort and confidence in math proficiency. Second, “For our teachers … to better use their dashboards to maximize student learning through assigning lessons to frontload instruction, to complement instruction, and to determine how students are progressing with standards to better inform instructional groups,” Grant says. All students in grades K – 5 are enrolled and encouraged to participate in DreamBox Math. 

Read more about how the district uses DreamBox to build math proficiency while also fostering student excitement and motivation.

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