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Shelby County Public Schools see consistent student achievement despite COVID

November 18, 2021


Although the COVID pandemic threw education as we know it into disarray, Shelby County Public Schools, already a nontraditional instruction (NTI) district, saw math scores increase. The NTI district, positioned so students continue learning even on days schools are closed, had a leg up on many other school districts around the country. Because of its NTI distinction, and in tandem with DreamBox Learning Math, Shelby County Public Schools K – 8 students saw 1.25 grade levels of growth in math during the 2020-21 school year. 

Adam Watson, digital learning coordinator for the district had made inroads in structuring the district curriculum to teach a disparate student population with diverse needs. His focus was to close the gaps in student proficiency by meeting their educational needs with technology that zeroed in on personalized learning for every child. 

Watson was determined to find a unifying technology that could provide consistent education throughout the district schools. In researching technology programs, Watson says, DreamBox rose to the top to unify the schools’ math curriculum and get the student-level data needed to inform classroom instruction. 

He worked to first understand the teachers’ focus and values and then find a platform that fit those ideals and helped to accelerate progress. DreamBox filled that bill.

Teachers and students alike embraced DreamBox Learning. Teachers loved the data that gave them insight into students’ strengths and gaps. That insight helped them deliver targeted, personalized instruction. The kids? Well, they loved the play-based learning that engaged and challenged them with serious learning that was seriously fun.

Watson continues to see great potential in partnering with DreamBox Learning to give students the confidence to love learning math.

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