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Waterford Graded School District students using DreamBox Reading with fidelity averaged 3.2+ reading level gains in the 2021-22 school year

October 24, 2022


Waterford Graded School District comprises three PK – 5 elementary schools and one 6 – 8 middle school. District educators strive to close the achievement gap (measured as on-track to graduation) and accelerate the academic growth of its students. One tool teachers use to achieve that goal is DreamBox Reading (formerly Reading Plus).

DreamBox Reading meets both needs for the district: student intervention and accelerated student enrichment. Jane Aegerter, Director of Student and Staff Services explains. “We use DreamBox Reading as a tool for closing achievement gaps in reading as well as a tool to promote academic growth in our most accelerated learners,” she says. “DreamBox Reading adapts to give students what they need to close gaps and accelerate growth.

DreamBox recommends to educators that students complete 80+ DreamBox Reading lessons in a year to see the biggest gains. Students at Waterford Graded School District certainly grew in the 2021-22 school year. Those who completed 80+ lessons in 2021-22 grew an average of 3.2 reading levels. Additionally, those who completed 100+ lessons averaged 4.0 reading level gains. 

Read more to learn about students’ success using DreamBox Reading.




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