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DreamBox Orientation Series

Getting started (and reacquainted) with DreamBox is easy—especially with a little help from our Orientation Webinar Series! Learn how to prepare for a successful DreamBox rollout and ensure a smooth transition into the school year. From exploring how to use DreamBox in your classroom to seeing what's new in the Insight Dashboard, there's lots to discover! 

Webinars for the Empowered Educator

Inside DreamBox: The Science and Design Behind Our Curriculum

September 12th, 2017 | 12:00pm PT

With the power to deliver millions of individualized learning paths, DreamBox individually tailors every math lesson and ensures that students work in their optimal learning zone. But how does DreamBox identify exactly what each student knows, doesn’t know, and what they are ready to learn next, and what does this mean for your own classroom instruction? In this webinar, get an insider’s look on how DreamBox designs its rigorous, research-based curriculum to support deeper learning and comprehension in math.

Get to Know Your Insight Dashboard

DreamBox Learning in Your Classroom

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Managing Your DreamBox Learning Rosters with Clever

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