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Closing the Achievement Gap

September 30, 2021


The answer is meeting students exactly where they are

Achieving more in a streamlined way

America’s schools are underperforming in math education; many students are not reaching the level of mathematical proficiency needed to excel in school or in the workplace. The necessary gains in math proficiency can only be achieved if instruction is streamlined to target the unique learning profile of each student: comprehension, skill level, learning style, and strategies for processing thought. That’s where DreamBox Learning Math comes in.

DreamBox is research-based and pedagogically sound

DreamBox Learning Math and its Intelligent Adaptive Learning technology is researched-based, and fits within the RtI/MTSS model. Sound pedagogy is always the foundation for instruction, because the goal is to build conceptual understanding and procedural fluency. DreamBox goes far beyond the expectation of intermittent assessment and adjustments to instruction. Formative assessments throughout the learning process help shape the process. In real-time, every mouse click is tracked to gain insight into student strategies. Then, based on that insight, individual learning paths are dynamically created to guide the student through the curriculum, aligned with the Common Core and other state standards.

Learn how the right
environment —like DreamBox’s— close gaps.

Powerful learning is complex and personal, and needs to embrace the different ways students learn. DreamBox’s differentiating environment, with ongoing continuous dynamic assessment, enables more powerful math teaching and learning.    

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