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September 30, 2021

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Math students above grade level find challenge and excitement


‘Just right’ differentiated instruction

For students who would welcome more challenges in their math learning at home or school, DreamBox Learning© Math provides ‘just right’ differentiated instruction that motivates them to persist, progress, and achieve. And because the system sets the pace for advanced students ready for higher level math practice, they feel empowered to discover an even deeper understanding of critical math concepts.

The power of Intelligent Adaptive Learning™

Highly personalized and effective interaction is possible because of Intelligent Adaptive Learning technology. Embedded formative assessments enable dynamic, individualized learning paths; millions of pathways with the right lessons, level of difficulty, tools, scaffolding, and more. Enrichment activities that are not part of a typical elementary classroom curriculum keep advanced students motivated and engaged. The puzzles in DreamBox help students develop problem-solving skills and strategies within a game-like environment. As students adapt and modify their strategy, elements of the puzzles change—but the fun built into DreamBox never does.

Learn how DreamBox moves
all math students to the next level.

Competency-based learning supported by digital technology can help all young people accelerate their learning. DreamBox and its ability to precisely adjust to the individual learner helps students stay in their optimal learning zone and meet their full learning potential.

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