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5 Strategies to Connect the Dots with Data in the Math Classroom

October 01, 2015


Eight out of 10 educators believe data should make them more effective by helping them to understand—in real time—students’ misconceptions, struggles, and competencies.

We agree. Using data to connect the dots between where students are, where they can be, and how to help them gain deeper math understanding is generating real results in classrooms all over the world. Now that’s a reason to learn to love actionable data!

Research has shown that using data in instructional decisions can lead to improved student performance

University of Southern California’s Rossier School of Education

In this handy guidebook, created with teachers in mind, you’ll learn how to:

  • Collect & Assess data that helps reveal what’s on your student’s minds
  • Access & Gain Insight into student learning to uncover common misunderstandings in your classroom and discover new ways to see data with DreamBox Insight Dashboards
  • Engage & Achieve success with targeted classroom strategies—driven by data—that encourage students to reflect on their learning and use the feedback you’ve provided
  • Link Up & Find Out about best practices for building a Professional Learning Community (PLC)
  • Process & Digest with a quick checklist that makes your math data team meetings productive

You can use data to drive real results. Find out how!


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