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Differentiating through Computer Environments

January 01, 2014

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Can we harness computer technology and the World Wide Web for intervention? If so, what types of products would be helpful: drill on procedures, basic fact practice, environments designed to make routine math practice fun, exploration with feedback? Many current computer products on the market offer these things, and more, but are these enough to ensure powerful learning?









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Professor of Childhood Education at the City College of New York, Director of Mathematics in the City

Dr. Catherine Twomey Fosnot

Dr. Fosnot is Professor Emeritus of Childhood Education at the City College of New York and at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. She is the Founding Director of Mathematics in the City, an internationally recognized center for professional development located at CCNY and funded by the National Science Foundation. She currently serves as the CEO of New Perspectives On Learning.

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