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How to Accelerate Math Achievement with Adaptive Learning Technology

February 01, 2016

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All children can become proficient mathematical thinkers when they learn in an environment that is engaging, individualized, and responsive to their developing mathematical ideas and strategies. Yet effectively teaching math to a broad range of learners has become a problem of scale that may be solved with the addition of adaptive learning technologies to the classroom. Adaptive learning technologies extend the capacity of the teacher to individualize instruction and enhance learning. Effective technologies have a high degree of adaptation, are based on a rigorous curriculum, and empower students to be self-directed learners. They provide students with appropriate, immediate feedback and teachers with realtime, actionable data to improve classroom management and productivity. The result is an effective, engaging, and highly individualized learning environment for every student that helps teachers differentiate instruction so that all learners excel in math.

Outline of This White Paper

  • One classroom, one teacher, many learners
  • Effective adaptive learning technologies
    • Degree of adaptation
    • Rigor of the curriculum
    • Level of engagement
    • Quality of reports
  • Degree of adaptation
  • Rigor of the curriculum
  • Level of engagement
  • Analysis and reporting that empowers all learners

















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Vice President of Learning

Dr. Tim Hudson

Dr. Tim Hudson is a learning innovator and education leader who frequently writes and speaks about the intersection of learning, schooling, and technology. At DreamBox, Dr. Hudson oversees the development of innovative learning experiences that engage students in mathematical thinking and provide teachers with useful information to support differentiation and personalization in their classrooms. He has spoken at national conferences such as ASCD, iNACOL, NCTM, and SXSWedu and along with DreamBox advisor Cathy Fosnot, co-authored the chapter “Classrooms Where Children Learn” in an NCTM book about Mathematics Intervention. Prior to joining DreamBox, Dr. Hudson spent more than 10 years working in public education, first as a High School Mathematics Teacher and then as a K–12 Mathematics Coordinator and Strategic Planning Facilitator for the Parkway School District in suburban St. Louis, MO. Follow his conversations on Twitter (@DocHudsonMath) and on the DreamBox Learning blog.

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