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Intelligent Adaptive Learning: The Next Generation Technology

April 01, 2014

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DreamBox Learning does what great teachers do every day in the classroom by providing adaptive learning experiences. By integrating sophisticated, patented adaptive technology with solid educational research, DreamBox delivers the kinds of learning experiences that the best teachers aspire to and all educators want for their learners. DreamBox doesn’t remove teachers from students’ learning, but instead supports teachers by enhancing classroom instruction and providing accurate, timely reports that facilitate differentiated instruction and provide insight into student progress and proficiency.

Intelligent Adaptive Learning

What is intelligent adaptive learning?

How DreamBox Works

DreamBox Learning Technology

  • Rich, interactive manipulatives
  • A lesson run-time environment
  • GuideRight
  • Content creation tools
  • Deep data analytics
  • Dashboards and emails

Educational Challenges

  • Large class sizes
  • Lack of resources
  • Hybrid learning modules
  • Computer lab staffing

Comparisons to DreamBox

  • Other online educational programs
  • Online tutoring services
  • Personal tutoring
  • Tracked classes

The Next Generation of Adaptive Learning

Data Mining

Fine-Grained Observations

Rapid Response to Students

  • Teacher tutoring one-on-one
  • Whole-class instruction
  • Reflection on the lesson itself
  • Program evaluation

Expressive and Concise Language

Learner Engagement

  • Choice of avatar
  • Age-appropriate framing theme (skin)
  • Choice of lessons and manipulatives

Communicating with Stakeholders and Educators

Parents and Guardians

Integrating DreamBox Learning with the Traditional Classroom


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