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The Intelligent Adaptive Learning Difference

October 22, 2021

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As educators, we know that every student comes to class with a different level of math ability, yet we teach a single process to an entire class at the same time. To give the best possible education to my kids, we actually need a teaching assistant for every student. We looked for math software to help. I found that many programs took a typical lesson and just converted it to a digital text book. Another claimed to be adaptive, but all it did was move students faster or slower through the exact same lessons. But one, one was a revolutionary change- True Adaptive Learning. Dreambox is the only program designed with an intelligent adaptive learning engine.

It starts helping students immediately, and continuously assesses exactly where students are, and adapts how they learn. In real-time, Dreambox measures how students are thinking within the lessons, constantly individualizing what each student sees next. In fact, as a single student works on Dreambox for one minute, the program collects, analyzes and responds to over 800 pieces of information about that student and how they learn. That’s 48,000 pieces of data every hour, providing the most personalized learning experience possible. The results are amazing. The kids love it. They think Dreambox looks like a game. I think it looks like a teaching assistant for every student, a teaching assistant with infinite patience, unlimited data and a perfect memory.

With the help of Dreambox, I can give each of my students the education they deserve. It’s time to learn more. Start now.

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