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Webinar: Creating a Love of Learning and Resilience

January 20, 2021



Creating a Love of Learning and Resilience

This panel of active classroom educators from around the country engages in conversation around cultivating a growth mindset, the power of perseverance, and the value of making mistakes.

Creating a classroom culture focused on love of learning and resilience begins with the belief that all people have the capacity to develop and strengthen their abilities, both inside and outside of the classroom. What students believe about how their brains work impacts how they experience the classroom.

According to research conducted by Claro, Paunesku, & Dweck and publish on the Mindset Scholars Network, “researchers recently examined the relationship between 10th grade students’ mindsets and performance on a national achievement test in Chile. Students who held a growth mindset were three times more likely to score in the top 20% on the test, while students with a fixed mindset were four times more likely to score in the bottom 20%.”

Webinar: Creating a Love of Learning and Resilience

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