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Webinar: Re-imagining Possibilities for Blended Hybrids and Distance Learning Models

August 11, 2020



Re-imagining Possibilities for Blended Hybrids and Distance Learning Models

A Panel Discussion Moderated by Cathy Fosnot, CEO of New Perspectives on Learning

What will learning opportunities for our children look like in the fall? If distance learning is the choice, how do we partner with communities to ensure there is internet access for all and that the opportunities provided involve children in inquiry and active learning to support the mathematical practices? If blended learning onsite is the option, how do we move beyond the constraints of social distancing with children 6 feet apart in rows, to re-imagine classroom structures and learning formats without walls, but with open access and equity? The panelists have all been thinking hard about these questions and in contrast to delivering planned addresses, they have all agreed to share their current ideas and to discuss new possibilities together. Join us for a spirited conversation as we creatively brainstorm new structures and formats that may break barriers and undo old belief systems that may be currently hindering the radical transformations we need to make.

Co-hosted by New Perspectives on Learning and DreamBox Learning


Cathy Fosnot, Moderator, CEO New Perspectives on Learning
Robert Berry, Univ. of Virginia, Past President of NCTM
Mike Flynn, Mt Holyoke College
Dina Williams, retired teacher/Coordinator in LAUSD, CMC Re-Imagining Math Instruction Committee
Jo Boaler, Stanford University
Walter Wakeman, Program Director of Elementary Mathematics, Fairfield Public Schools, CT.
Christina Moore, Assistant Principal, LAUSD, Equity, Access, and Empowerment Chairperson CMCS
Emily Stewart, kindergarten teacher, Associate at New Perspectives on Learning
David Woods, Senior Director of Curriculum and Reporting, DreamBox Learning

Webinar: Re-imagining Possibilities for Blended Hybrids and Distance Learning Models

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