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Why Wednesday S1E3: Inequity and Burnout

August 11, 2021


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"Why math instruction can cause inequity and teacher burnout"

Does this sound familiar? “I did well in math; but, never really understood what I was doing!” Learning requires evidence of thinking and learners deserve feedback on their thinking that moves them forward. However, is there an equity problem with every learner getting the right feedback to forward their thinking? This is a challenge with math instruction and often educators. Many supplemental technologies are replicating direct instruction - “showing” and “testing” the students vs. fostering an environment that is full of experience, struggle, and perseverance. Many technologies are missing the mark on spurring student thinking to elicit more learning.

Join Tim Hudson, PhD to dive into why he feels we have an underlying pedagogy problem in mathematics and the difference between “learning experience” and “instruction”.


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